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Wella Color Appeal Hair Color


Wella Color Charm hair color is an innovative hair color that provides lively, long-lasting and fade-resistant results. It supplies intense color that ensures 43 % lustier to hair. Designed utilizing the Liquifuse technology, it utilizes a three-step procedure technique to coloring.


I. Saturate


II. Penetrate


III. Fuse




The liquid color coupler particles combine with the activator and form a gel that has a unique feature of remaining in the location where put. This helps in saturating every strand of the hair when applied. Feel free to read more on .




After the process of saturation, the gel penetrates into the hair shaft and provides lively color particles.As soon as the hair shaft is permeated, the hair color then fuses into the cortex of the hair making it fade-resistant.


The outcome hence gotten is lovely, long-lasting, fade-resistant grey protection.


Wella Charm has arranged its color variety based on a tonal household system. Wella Charm uses the numerical system based on International Standards to determine the lightness or darkness of its tonal color. Thus any color under Wella is determined initially by the number and then the tonal family.


The best ways to blend & use Wella Charm Color


Wella has two devoted designers, Cream and Clear designers. Cream designer is perfect for bowl, brush or bottle application and is readily available in 32oz and 40oz bottles. They are 20-Volume and 40-Volume. Clear Developer is developed solely to bottle application and is available in 20-volume i.e. 32 oz.


Based on the volume of designer utilized, you can get the level of lift. A 10-volume developer provides you the color that is of same depth or darker than natural hair color. A 10-volume designer can be created by mixing equivalent parts of 20 volume designer and pure water. A 20-volume designer offers you approximately 2 levels of lift and optimal protection on white hair whereas a 40-volume designer offers 3-4 levels of lift and maximum lift for better and clearer blonde results.


For blending, initially figure out the amount of product that is required for the application. Select the approach of application i.e. bottle or bowl & brush. After that mix one part of Wella Color Charm Permanent Hair color to 2 parts of Wella Color Charm Developer.


Application Instructions


Safety measures to be taken:


Strand Test


It is constantly advised to conduct a hair test before any application. This is especially for cases where the hair is porous or has actually been subjected to lightening, irreversible waves, hair colors or chemical hair relaxers.


For this purpose, you need to mix a small amount of preferred color according to directions and apply to picked hairs of hair. Wait for 30 minutes, wash the hair, and check the color outcome and hair condition.


Time Color Application


For lightening hair


Make partings of 1/4 inch to the hair


Apply color to the length of the hair starting 1-inch away from the scalp.


Wait for 15 minutes


Mix fresh color and use to untreated hair at the scalp area


Establish for an extra 15-30 minutes


For exact same depth or darker hair


Make partings of 1/4 inch to the hair


Apply color from scalp to ends


After full application of color, utilize a wide-tooth comb and gently comb through hair to make sure even distribution of color

Advancement time is 30 minutes and 45 minutes for added grey coverage.


Re-growth Application


Make-inch partings to the hair


Apply color to re-growth area


Depending on the grey coverage required, the time taken differs between 30 to 45 minutes.